Dairy Queen and its Vintage Treats

Published: 09th April 2010
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DQ and its Vintage Desserts

I've always found it easy to truly chill and unwind at DQ while enjoying a pleasant icecream delight. It could be in the summer season or even in the winter, I could still take pleasure in the atmosphere just as much.

You can constantly pick from their delicious, old fashion icecream cone or you can even buy something more imaginative and make it a choco dipped cone. It doesn't matter what variety of easy sweet or specialty product you purchase, Dairy Queen will have a thing to match your tastes. The choco rock, it is made up of warm fudge, almonds and vanilla ice cream covered with hard chocolate. On top of that you can select the mudslide, vanilla ice cream covered with sweltering chocolate, caramel and pecan nuts or the peanut buster parfait that is more or less similar to the mudslide except that you get Spanish nuts inside it instead of pecans. All of them are great tasting and refreshing!

Do you have a desire for old style, non-fancy desserts? I recommend the basic icecream sundae option. You are able to choose from a variety of toppings to spice it up with. I don't even have to mention it but I am confident you just imagined chocolate, strawberries, and butterscotch, am I correct?? Well, Dairy Queen still sells those products! On top of that they sell pine apple with nuts..

And if you might be preparing a social gathering, DQ offers birthday party service to provide your frozen treats. DQ's celebrated icecream cakes are still favorites to this day, and their freezer is all the time filled with the best variety. Consequently there is no need to make advance arrangements to have one made. They are able to simply modify it for you personally when you buy it. On top of the ice cream cakes, you can also find smaller sweets in the freezer. Those treats are great for the little ones. They have the Dilly-Bars or the ice cream bars in a star shape and that icy lemon product. Your children will think it's great.

Alright, on to the finest. Yes, I was saving it until last...the notorious blizzard. The blizzard, which is able to be prepared from ice cream or yoghurt comes in quite a lot of diverse tastes. One category of Blizzard you can select from is the candy type: Oreo Cookies, Butterfinger, HeathM&Ms, Snickers, and Peanut Butter cups. You can even pick from the exotic list: banana, cherries, pineapple, mud pie, cookie dough, mint chocolate chip, rocky road and the unquestionable best...pecan cluster. By and large, why I'm not quite sure, this flavor won't be listed on the store menu but it`s available. Pecan Cluster is made up of vanilla icecream mixed with caramel and choco covered pecans. You need to try this one for sure!

Any one of that kind of desserts is sure to make your stomach a delighted stomach! Trust me! That is why next time you feel a craving for some wicked but irresistable frozen ice cream item, you should visit Dairy Queen and get back in touch with that candy-loving childhood spirit.

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